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DiskGenius Professional 5.5.1 Crack Full Torrent

DiskGenius Crack

DiskGenius Professional 5 Crack is an application that you can use for organizing data, if you lose the data and have to recover it then this app can also give you the recovery tools you make the partition all the data which is stored in the hard devices if you have to reset the data which is saved in the storage devices. If you want to change the format you have to cut the data and if you want to increase the partition size then this app is for you.

This app will check all the data if there is any useless file it can delete. And besides this, if there are duplicate files this app can make it single and can save the pc space. Besides this, if your PC has the cache data and due to this issue the speed of the PC is too low then this app can also set such types of issues.

Uses of this app:

You can perform surface tests on your disks to check for bad sectors and potential issues. You can explore and manage files and folders, including copying, moving, and deleting files. It supports a wide range of file systems. so you cannot just recover the data from the system, but if you have the data in the USB or USB become a victim of viruses you are unable to work or you cannot open the file. This app is also for you. You can also recover any media from the memory card any picture any document or other videos.


  • You can use Disk Genius to clone an entire disk or a specific partition to create backups or upgrade your storage device.
  • The application offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to individuals who may not have advanced technical expertise.
  • Users looking to check and repair bad sectors on their hard drives or convert file systems can use Disk Genius for these purposes


  • If your PC website is not giving a response or you are facing loading issues with files. This app can also remove such type of error or in a second you can open any file.
  • Disk Genius allows you to create and manage virtual disks. You can mount virtual disk files, such as VMDK or VHD, as real drives. And work with them as if they were physical drives.
  • Plus, it also allows you to attempt repairing bad tracks on a hard drive to recover data from damaged areas, which can be critical in data rescue situations.

DiskGenius Crack


  • Partition Encryption:

Disk Genius can encrypt partitions to protect sensitive data with encryption algorithms like BitLocker, helping maintain data privacy.

  • Scheduled Tasks:

You can schedule tasks like backups and disk scans. And other operations to run at specific times or intervals, enhancing automation and convenience.

  • Hex Editor:

Disk Genius includes a built-in hex editor for low-level disks. And file editing. This can be particularly useful for forensic analysis and data recovery tasks.

  • Disk Wipe

In addition to file shredding, Disk Genius offers a disk wipe feature that allows you to securely erase the entire contents of a disk to prevent any data recovery.

  • Partition Alignment:

Disk Genius can help you align disk partitions, which can improve disk performance, especially on SSDs. Proper partition alignment can prevent performance degradation. And extend the lifespan of SSDs.


Disk Genius is a versatile tool that can be helpful for both basic disk management tasks. More advanced data recovery and disk repair operations. Users can choose based on their specific needs, whether for everyday disk management or more specialized tasks. So install this app and in this way, you can make your PC fully light free from any malware any technical issues or if you want to enhance this app you can also enhance the speed through this app. There are no long-term policies or restrictions but you can use or install this app without these issues.

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