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reWASD 7.3.0 Crack With License Key

Rewasd Crack

reWASD Crack is a software application designed for Windows that allows users to remap and customize their game controller buttons and create custom profiles for different games. It’s particularly useful for those who want to tailor their gaming experience by adjusting controller settings to better suit their preferences.

With reWASD, users can:

  • Remap controller buttons: Change the default assignment of buttons on your game controller.
  • Create custom profiles: Build and save different configurations for various games and applications.
  • Adjust sensitivity and dead zones: fine-tune the sensitivity of thumbsticks and triggers.
  • Emulating mouse and keyboard input is useful for games that don’t have native controller support.


Button Remapping:

Also, customize the mapping of buttons on your game controller according to your preferences. Change default assignments to create a personalized control layout for different games.

Profile Creation:

  • Create and save multiple profiles for various games and applications.
  • Easily switch between profiles to adapt your controller settings to different gaming scenarios.

Advanced Mapping Options:

  • Assign keyboard keys, mouse functions, or macros to controller buttons.
  • This allows for greater flexibility in controlling games that may not have native controller support.

Sensitivity and Dead Zone Adjustments:

  • Fine-tune the sensitivity of thumbs, ticks, and triggers to suit your play style.
  • Adjust dead zones to eliminate unwanted movement or ensure precise control.

Mouse Emulation:

  • Emulate mouse input using your game controller. Provide an alternative control method for certain games.
  • Customize mouse sensitivity to achieve the desired level of control.

Gamepad calibration:

  • Calibrate and optimize your game controller to ensure accurate input recognition.

Combo Key Activation:

  • Set up combination keys or macros that can be activated with a single button to press on the controller.


  • Support also exists for a wide range of game controllers, including Xbox, PlayStation, and other popular models.

Rewasd Crack

Why did users choose this app?

  • REWASD also supports a wide range of game controllers, including popular ones like Xbox and PlayStation controllers, offering compatibility with various gaming setups.
  • The application also provides robust button remapping capabilities, allowing users to tailor the controller layout to their liking for different games.
  • The ability to emulate mouse and keyboard input on a controller can be crucial for games without native controller support—offering a versatile solution for different gaming genres.
  • Users can also fine-tune sensitivity settings for thumbsticks and triggers. Enabling precise control adjustments to match individual preferences and play styles.
  • The ability to also create and manage multiple profiles makes it easy for users to switch between customized configurations based on the specific requirements of different games or applications.
  • Reward allows users to set up combination keys or macros, streamlining complex actions with a single button pressed on the controller.


  • Users also often praise ReWASD for its responsive customer support. Quick and helpful support can be a crucial factor for users encountering issues or seeking assistance with the application.
  • Some users also appreciate the cloud sync feature. Allowing them to save and synchronize their custom profiles across different devices. This can be convenient for gamers who use multiple systems.
  • REWASD also provides in-depth configuration options, allowing users to customize not only button mappings but also other aspects such as stick sensitivity curves and dead zones, providing a high level of control over their gaming experience.
  • Gamers who also use emulators to play older console games on their PC often appreciate REWASD’s compatibility with these emulators, offering a seamless experience with customized controls.
  • Beyond popular gaming controllers, ReWASD is known for its support of a wide array of controllers, including custom or less common ones. This inclusivity allows users with diverse setups to benefit from the application.
  • Some users also appreciate that reWASD is designed to have minimal impact on system resources. This ensures the application runs smoothly in the background without causing performance issues during gaming sessions.
  • REWASD seamlessly integrates with Steam and other gaming platforms, ensuring that users can easily use their customized controller configurations while accessing their game libraries.


REWASD is also a feature-rich and versatile application designed to enhance the gaming experience by providing extensive customization options for game controllers. REWASD also allows users to remap buttons, create custom profiles, and fine-tune sensitivity settings, providing a high level of control over the gaming experience.

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